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New Brighton Water Park

In 2013 Tim Sintes together with David East CREATED this viable and inspiring New Brighton Water Park concept plan to attract the locals, all Christchurch families and the much needed business infrastructure in order to make New Brighton and surrounding suburbs a thriving community.

GOAL-  to get a covered aquatic centre for all ages built in the East  to replace QEII. It will revitalise local business and attract people and money to our area. What better place than the seaside of New Brighton. This is a sensible plan and it's good news for our future.

We set up an online to get the attention of city council to include and accept this New Brighton Water Park Plan into the next phase of the New Brighton Master Plan.

Day 1

Obtain domain, create website. Using existing images and plans create content and mission statement to foster support and generate excitement for the petition campaign. Submit site to Google.

Day 2

Create online petition using change.org. Identify target, goals. Within 5 minutes had 10 signatures. The first hour generated 155 signatures. The first day had over 800 signatures and as many personal comments on why people feel this is important.

Week 1

This petition is #1 in popularity on change.org. Page 1 position 1 on Google for the search term new brighton water park. Over 4600 signatures. Target is 10,000 signatures to get the plan accepted into the final submission to City Council. Website under constant updates and adding content. Local events, media coverage driving people to website. Mayor Bob Parker supports it and endorsed it on his blog. Schools and workplaces are downloading the print version and collecting names on paper.

Week 2

By keeping the subscribers informed with regular updates it created engagement and further support. Week 2 reached 8500 signatures for the online petition. The website continued delivering important content with regular updates including added comments from many people who signed the petition. The media attention helped fuel support and views and that resulted in being able to include commentary from Westpak bank and Mayor Bob Parker.



Week 3

Word of mouth and word of 'mouse' from a passionate tribe of supporters netted us over 10,000 online signatures and a further 10,000+ face to face hard copy signatures. The submission was made in person to Mayor Bob Parker outside the pier and the Water park Plan is in the City Council hands. They took us seriously. 




This is a powerful example of how an idea can grow and spread and using the tools that are available to everyone make a difference. However, the council turned a blind eye to the 20,000 constituents and are now trying to remove the East from the map using other tactics like Coastal Inundation and Erosion plans and zoning this country into oblivion. Watch for our next campaign coming to Christchurch soon!

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